In Which Countries Are E-cigarettes Banned? A look At the Internation Vape Legislation

In which countries are banning electronic cigarettes 03/23/2018/0 Comments / in cigarrilloelectronico, News / by Xavier If you are planning a vacation in other countries, it is worthwhile to inform a little about the regulations on the electronic cigarette, since the opposite you can find with a fine or end up in jail just by carrying or using your electronic vaporizer

The extent of legal restrictions or prohibitions from one country to another. Depending on the different regulatory objectives, the relevant laws in the world can be divided into the following three categories: 1 / All activities related to electronic cigarettes are further prohibited by law. The most stringent countries are those that are published, the import and use of electronic cigarettes.

2 / Some countries prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes, but not their possession.

3 / Some countries prohibit the sale of nicotine-containing liquids, but not nicotine-free liquids.


Here is the list of countries around the world, we have divided them by continents.

E-cigarettes in ASIA

Thailand: In Thailand one can end up in jail for vaping on the street Within the list of countries with very strict prohibitions, we find a very popular destination: Thailand. Vapers traveling to Thailand should leave their electronic cigarettes at home or risk ending up in jail. According to the authorities, it is likely that any electronic cigarette found by Thai officials will be confiscated, and the owner of the said electronic cigarette could be fined or sent to jail (the penalty may be 10 years !!) The electronic cigarette was banned in Thailand since 2014, but many tourists are unaware of the new law. Taiwan: In Taiwan, the use of electronic cigarettes can lead to incarceration Although the electronic cigarette is an Asian invention and the majority of electronic cigarettes come from Asia, we also find the Chinese neighbor carrying out a strict ban against this product. In Taiwan, electronic cigarettes are classified as a regulated drug, which means that the importation and sale of such products can result in jail terms and substantial fines. Singapore: Neighboring Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore have also banned the electronic vaporizer. In Singapore, the law just coming into force in November 2017 prohibits people from buying, using and possessing tobacco-like products, such as electronic cigarettes, e-cigars and electronic pipes etc. The law expands existing laws that prohibit the sale, import and distribution of these devices that run on batteries and heat the e-liquids with nicotine to produce a vapor. Hong Kong: The HK government prohibits the possession and sale of e-liquids with nicotine. The possession or sale of e-liquids with nicotine is illegal, this product is classified as poison, because carrying a bottle of Eliquido is punishable by a two-year jail sentence. It is estimated that next year electronic cigarettes will be completely illegal there. Japan: Tourists can take a maximum of 120 ml of e-liquids with nicotine. However, the Asian neighbor of Hong Kong, Japan, allows vaping, but it is illegal to buy and sell e-liquids with nicotine.

SOUTH AMERICA Mexico: Within the list of countries implementing stricter measures on electronic vaporizers we also find Mexico as representative of Latin American countries. The Cofepris issued a communiqué in 2011 and 2012 to publicize the regulations on electronic cigarettes. Electronic vaporizers are prohibited even though the number of vapers in the national territory increases steadily. However, since then, there is no updated legislation on the purchase and sale of electronic cigarettes. Despite being illegal, many Mexicans continue to opt for electronic cigarettes as an alternative tool to quit smoking. Brazil: In Brazil, despite not so clear legislation on electronic cigarettes, – however the country banned the manufacture and sale of electronic cigarettes since 2014 – many tourists have been fined for vaping on the street. Argentina, Venezuela: In South America, Argentine and Venezuelan officials frowned at personal vaporizers. Although some travelers have shared their vaping experiences in some public places, it is very likely that I ended up with a fine. Uruguay: Uruguay also imposed a strict ban on electronic cigarettes in 2009, when the Minister of Health affirmed the presence of toxic gases in electronic cigarettes and the lack of sufficient evidence to justify that electronic cigarettes function as effective tools to help smokers to quit smoking. MIDDLE EAST The United Arab Emirates: It will come as no surprise to anyone in the United Arab Emirates that they have banned the sale and importation of electronic cigarettes since 2009. According to Gulf News, any type of electronic cigarette entering the country will be confiscated at the airport. Local media revealed that the Health Ministry of the United Arab Emirates banned alternative products to smoking because they could be dangerous to the health of users. Apart from Jordan, Oman and Qatar have also banned electronic cigarettes, because according to them the electronic cigarette is very dangerous to health, even though conventional cigarettes are still legal. Brunei: If you are caught vaping, you will have to pay a fine of more than 200 euros. The countries where they limit the sale of e-liquids with nicotine While some countries p

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