Guide for use of e-cigarette Batteries

Guide For the Safe Use of Batteries At one of our main goals is to provide security to the user of an electronic cigarette or cigar, security is one of the most important points that every person who vape should take into account.

One of the security points to consider, is the correct use of rechargeable batteries that use electronic cigarettes, mainly those batteries that are external and interchangeable. For this reason, we ask you to read and take into account these recommendations:

• Batteries are part of your electronic cigar mod. Therefore, you should take care of them as you take care of the rest of the mod. It prevents them from getting wet, falling, scratching, et cetera. If you are going to transport your batteries outside your mod, always use a case designed to store batteries.

• Whenever you buy new batteries, charge them 100% before first use. When you finish charging your batteries 100%, either in the mod or in an external charger, unplug it from the power outlet. Always avoid overcharging or overcharging your batteries. When a battery has run out of charge, recharge it immediately, this will help to extend its useful life.

• Do not expose your batteries to extreme temperatures. Avoid exposing your mod and / or batteries to direct sunlight or heat sources such as stoves or ovens. Do not leave your mod or batteries inside your car either. The same applies to cold temperatures, such as its use in snowy environments, freezers, when it rains, and so on.

• It is always advisable to use an external charger to charge your rechargeable batteries. Today many mods offer the option to charge the batteries directly in the mod, through its USB port. However, it is not the most recommended method, since it is slower and most of the mods do not have the security measures that professional external loaders usually offer.

• Whether your mod uses external batteries or integrated batteries, when you recharge the batteries by means of the mod, it avoids vaping during the charging of the batteries. Doing so will generate voltage peaks to your battery, which reduces its life time. If you need to vape while the mod is charging the batteries, disconnect it from the electricity outlet, vape and then reconnect it.

• Avoid at all times that your batteries come into contact with other metals, mainly keys, coins, clips or any other piece of metal that can generate a short circuit that triggers a chemical reaction inside the battery, which can cause a explosion of the battery. Always transport your batteries in specially designed cases.

• The rechargeable batteries have a useful life that goes from 3 to 6 months. This time varies depending on your vaping habits and the capacity of your battery. However, with the passage of time you will notice that your battery no longer gives you the same time of use, that when it was new. This is normal. Consider replacing the batteries of your mod on average every 6 months.

• Always recycle your disposable batteries, never throw them away. Search your local government and / or private offices that recycle batteries and deposit your batteries in containers designed for it.

• If your mod uses more than one rechargeable battery, all the batteries required by the mod must be of the same capacity, life time, level of charge and recommended by the same brand. Never combine batteries with different capacities, charge level and / or life time. This is especially important when operating mechanical mods.

• Keep the packaging of your batteries in good condition. This is a plastic package that covers the body of the battery and protects it from coming into contact with materials that can damage it or cause a short circuit. In case your battery’s packaging is damaged, replace it with a new one.

• The use of mechanical mods is only recommended for experienced users. This type of mods offer security measures different from those of smart mods. When using a mechanical mod is important to know the characteristics of the batteries that the mod uses and only use resistances -coils- that do not generate voltage peaks that can damage your battery and / or cause an accident. To learn more security measures when using mechanical mods click HERE.

• Acquire your batteries only in recognized stores. There is a lot of piracy of rechargeable batteries, known as clones. These pirate batteries obviously do not have the same characteristics of the original batteries and above all their use can be dangerous due to the lack of adequate security measures. These same recommendations apply for mods, atomizers and chargers that are clones. sells ORIGINAL products, if any of our products is clone, it is perfectly indicated in its description.

• Not all batteries are the same and have the same characteristics. There are some that fulfill their function better than others, depending on the characteristics of your mod. We invite you to read our GUIDE TO CHOOSE THE 18650 IDEAL BATTERY, click HERE.

For more information, we invite you to save the following infographic with the main recommendations in the use of external batteries.

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