How To Choose The Right E-cigarette?

HOW TO CHOOSE ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE – RECOMMENDATIONS AND ADVICE ON SELECTION The fashion for smoking is gradually losing its momentum, and the smoking girl no longer seems so stylish and “cool.” Yes, and kissing a man who just smoked a cigarette is something else a “pleasure.”

Yes, it is difficult to quit a harmful addiction, which is what heavy smokers justify themselves, but if you take the matter seriously, you can easily cope with the habit. How? Yes, at least with the help of electronic cigarettes! How not to be trapped, and not waste your money? We will discuss this below.


For a start, it would be nice to know what the device consists of, and how an electronic cigarette is better than a regular one.

The device must have a battery (of course, if it is initially positioned as reusable), an atomizer that simulates smoke (actually, steam) and a cartridge. In it you need to pour the liquid, which will fall into the tank (atomizer) and become the outcome of the haze.

What liquid is better for choosing for electronic cigarettes?

It depends on your personal preferences and the ability to immediately limit yourself to nicotine. For example, fillers with zero nicotine content are on sale, its concentration is in the range of 18 – 24 mg / ml, with different flavors and even flavors.

The choice of the first electronic cigarette in life also depends on the length of smoking.

In this regard, the device can be:

ordinary or e-cigarettes; cigarette pen; cigar; slim cigarette. Below we will talk in more detail about each species.

NORMAL OR E-CIGARETTES This device is the best suited for infrequent e-smoking, when you do not want to attract excessive attention of the environment.

It is difficult to distinguish it from a real cigarette, only the battery charge and the volume of liquid is enough for a while. Because of this, owners of e-cigarettes purchase additional batteries and cigarette cases-chargers.

We focus your attention on the fact that ordinary electronic cigarettes will not suit active smokers. Rather, they are the prerogative of newbies or just lovers show off in public.

BIG CIGARS If you are wondering how to choose a large-format e-cigarette, get ready for its solid dimensions. But it is thanks to them that the device has the ability to emit steam, preferably smoke, and keep the battery charged for ordinary days.

There are two types of “cigars” available:

Standard, in the cartridge of which there is a sinteponite filler, which requires constant soaking; Tank, implying the presence of a reservoir for fluid entering directly into the heated coil. ELECTRONIC PIPES It will be the right and worthy choice, because electronic cigarettes in the form of Sherlok pipes will not only make it possible to enjoy your favorite habit, but also emphasize the image as a whole.

Their design is similar to conventional electronic cigarettes, only the cartridge does not need to be refilled very often, and the battery is designed for the maximum time of active work.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR BEGINNERS Having decided on what kind of electronic cigarette to choose among the existing range, it is worth getting acquainted with the features of its subsequent use.


It is better to choose reliable button batteries, because automatic discharges are an order of magnitude faster; Atomizers break down more often, and therefore it is better to buy a few in advance; The correct way to use an atomizer is to avoid long and deep puffs; To get started, buy an odorless liquid with a minimum nicotine content. Do not like it – expand the range; If you previously smoked “light” cigarettes, get a liquid, the concentration of nicotine in which is not more than 12 mg / ml; Before using a new atomizer, wet its helix; Cartomizer need to be filled with a special syringe with a needle; You can stop smoking the electronic version of a cigarette more easily than a regular one, based on tobacco. This is due to the lack of supply of nicotine in the body, and its gradual weaning; 8 hours in a row. All subsequent – 2, maximum 3, hours; No need to wait for the electronic version to completely replace the natural one. It works exclusively psychological factor; Try to buy with a maximum warranty period, which will exclude a quick breakdown of the new device. Now that the electronic version of smoking is harmful to human health and those around it. In fact, some harm is present, but it is negligible compared to that which pure nicotine does.

Cigars, carcinogens, metals, and other substances have no place in cigar fluids, while no other manufacturer disputes the presence of glycerin and propylene glycol. But they will not be able to be classified as particularly harmful, since both of them are found in medicines, cosmetics and even

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